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Castrodome(is back)! Cause we couldn't stay away from that sweet ass for long.

Castro do me....please :D
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The Official Jason Castro Slash Community!

Jason Castro
Jason Castro was born March 25, 1987 in Dallas, Texas. His parents are both from Columbia and he is the first member of his family to be born in the US. Jason grew up playing drums and only a few years ago picked up the guitar and began playing, along with singing.

Young Castro made his first television debut in 2005 on the show Cheyenne as a love interest. In 2007 Jason auditioned for American Idol. He was the first contestant in the shows history to play guitar on stage (and also the only contestant so far to play the Ukulele on stage). Mr. Castro was eliminated in the top 4, though he said he was relieve he wouldn’t have to memorize 3 songs the next week. He completed the AILIVE! Tour over the summer with the rest of the top 10 bunch.

Jason is currently writing and recording songs for his upcoming, untitled album. He also recorded "Hallelujah" in Toronto, Canada for the Mexican indie film, Amar a Morir. Castro just posted a new video on his youtube account of his new song Sweet Medicine.

Castrodome! please
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Oh sweet, sweet medicine save me. Save me tonight, save me tonight.